The Farm

The Lander family has been farming land in the beautiful Cotswold village of Quenington for almost a century, traditionally grazing pasture for milk production.
The current Lander family at ‘Home Farm’ (Tim, Paula, son Thomas and daughter Keira) are now following in Great Grandfather Ewart’s footsteps. After having a small-holding within the village, Ewart came to reside at Home Farm on the outskirts of Quenington in the 1920’s and thus started milk production at Home Farm. Slowly growing his Shorthorn and Jersey dairy herd he made house to house milk deliveries around Quenington and the surrounding villages via horse and cart. Story has it that Ewart would often stop for a cup of tea and chat with his customers and on emerging from their houses would discover the horse had got bored with waiting for him and plodded off home!

It was Ewart’s wife Thirza (Nanny Lander) who was the first farmer’s wife at Home Farm to produce dairy products from livestock lovingly grazed on these Cotswold fields.When Ewart retired in 1963 his son John took over, and together with his wife Catherine (2nd Nanny Lander) and their eldest son Richard, they grew the Jersey herd to 50. The milk was then collected from the farm in churns. This was replaced by a bulk collection in 1970.

In 1980 a new milking parlour and dairy were constructed, replacing the traditional ‘cow-shed’ in-line with higher hygiene regulations and to accommodate the increase herd size, the jersey herd had by then expanded to around 90 cattle.

Following John’s retirement in 1992 his younger son Tim took charge of milk production and the present Lander family moved into Home Farm. In 1999 Tim decided organic farming was the way he wanted to farm the land, negating the need for chemicals, fertilizers and to meet the highest welfare standards. Another 300 arable acres were added to the farm in 2001, managed with the help of middle brother Jonathan.
After several years of poor milk prices Tim made the heart-breaking decision in 2008 to sell his beautiful jersey herd of 100 cows and start a suckler Aberdeen Angus beef herd, remaining organic.

Lander family

In 2013 Tim and Paula’s son Tom, after studying at Hartpury Agricultural College, began work on the farm, now 600 acres. Although Tom has worked on all aspects of farming, his love of working with livestock was clear.
When diversification was discussed in the summer of 2014 it was Tom who suggested a herd of goats and it is Tom who has driven this exciting new phase forward.
And so there is a new chapter at Home Farm and the Lander family history. We hope that Ewart Lander, John Lander and both the ‘Nanny Lander’s’ would approve!

To all of you who taste our organic goat’s milk and cheese we hope you will enjoy it. We are grateful for your support and custom. With thanks, kind regards and happy eating/drinking!

Tim, Paula, Tom and Keira - The Lander Family

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We produce Organic goats cheese of superior quality.

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The Organic Soil Association wants to ensure the highest possible standards of Animal Welfare, environmental and wildlife protection. These standards put our principals into practice and are at the heart of our work.